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    SAJA is a joint venture between the premier Saudi healthcare company, Tamer (the Saudi partner), the (SA) in
    SAJA and two of the leading Japanese pharmaceutical companies, Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd. and Astellas Pharma
    Inc. (the Japanese partners), the (JA) in SAJA. Both companies are major players in the Japanese healthcare
    sector, each with an impressive portfolio of ethical medicines.
    Aiming to be the Quality Landmark in the Pharmaceutical Industry having High-Tech Facility.
    In SAJA, we continuously seek to answer the question, “How can we continuously help People enjoy the
    Best Quality of Life ”
    Our persistent reply is: by delivering quality products; focusing on safety & efficiency.
    SAJA Pharmaceuticals is keen to add value to YOU through providing innovative drugs that benefit the medical
    community & human health, giving top priority to patients & healthcare professionals. www.sajaonline.net


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    Leader Healthcare has been the center of excellence in sourcing and catering to the needs of medical facilities as well as providing keyturn solutions. We simplify, exemplify and improve the works of pioneering leading physicians and their organizations. Headquartered in Dubai, our presence extends through the GCC as well as neighboring countries. With offices in Doha, Kuwait, Saudi, Canada and India; we have proven our success through our dedication to our vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Leader Healthcare pioneers in marketing and servicing products in a variety of medical fields such as General Surgery, Medical Simulation, Ophthalmology, ENT, Aesthetic Dermatology, Dermatology Lasers and consumables as well as General Medical Equipment. At Leader Healthcare; we are determined, with a drive to build solid relationships with our business partners and clients alike. We provide a complete portfolio of integrated equipment, product and medical solutions.


    Biolitec AG has a long standing experience in the development and production of medical laser systems as well as optical fibers. We combine marketing know-how of our innovative methods of laser therapy as well the established expertise in photo-dynamic therapy. This competency forms the basis of our leading position as a manufacturer of new and innovative treatment methods for a wide range of therapies.

    Our state of art 980 nm & 1470 nm diode Lasers are unmatched in the Healthcare industry, offering unparalled ease of use ,precision , reliability & control.

    Within the last few years we have developed and provided revolutionary solutions for minimally invasive procedures and treatment modalities in the field of Urology ,Vascular Surgery , Proctology , ENT , Orthopedic Pain Therapy , Aesthetics and Thoracic Surgery .

    Laser Applications in Urology :Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, Bladder Tumors , Partial Nephrectomy, Urethral Strictures, Condylomas.

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